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投稿者 Chris Shon 日時 2004 年 1 月 26 日 06:27:38:

I have no idea how to deal with all advanced options of others... I think that the simplicity and the speed is better than the complexity and slowness... And any reasonable man would completely agree with me. There is no need for 100s of settings - I value my time. Yes I like that this application is not abundant with hundreds of settings that you should tweak for half an hour before downloading a single file. It does the work automatically. Just one click or drag and drop ... and after a short while... the file is on my local hard disk. Another drag and drop and the file is in the folder I like it to be. I don't need anything more... why should I? The speed is awesome!!!!! I downloaded 50MB file in 10 minutes. Usually it takes one hour in IE and 30 minutes with the registered version of DAP. Thanks to Tonec staff for this excellent work. I recommend this application to anyone. Guys, it's a MUST HAVE and worth what it costs.


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